Sweetheart Productions produced Female Wrestling, Boxing & Mixed Matches in the 1990's.
Most matches took place in a ring, but they did produce a handful of apartment style
Catfights and a few outdoor non ring Catfights. Sweetheart always used very attractive
women in all of their very exciting and stimulating videos.

In many cases we did not have information on the names of the woman who wrestled in these videos.
In those cases, we either simply assigned them a name or gave the video a name. So you may find some
of the same woman listed by different names. One exmaple would be for the wrestler who often went
By the name Lisa (AKA Jan McKenzie), who seemed to be the top lady at Sweetheart Productions.

Below you will find Sweetheart WRESTLING videos, all avaiable on DVD or Download.

You can access the Boxing and Mixed Matches Produced by Sweetheart Productions at these links.

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Julie Vs Cassandra

Julie Vs Cassandra Rematch

Sweet Savage Vs Kimberly

Paige Vs Patty

Catfigth In The Park

Paige Vs Becky

Heather Vs Lisa

Choking Catfight

Penelope Vs Jamie

Kelly Vs Connie

Clair Vs Rachel

Jeannie Vs Teresa

Emily Vs Cathy

Denise Vs Darlene

Dana Vs Maya

Elizabeth Vs Calista

Pippa Vs Patty

Sue Sexton Vs Mean Jean

Sue Sexton Vs Donna

Bree Vs Linda

Angie Vs Canadian Cutie

Tammy Vs Tawny

Seline Vs Shawna

Renee Vs Paige Rematch

Quisha Vs Roxanne

Sweet Savage Vs Teresa

Sweet Savage Vs Monica

Lee Ann Vs Kyle

Brittany Vs Kyle

Honey Vs Casey

Heidi Vs Crystal

Paige Russell Vs Sue Sexton

Lisa Vs Sue

Lisa Vs Sue Rematch

Tori Vs Erin

Ellie Vs Tori

Samantha Vs Kalanai

Lorraine Vs Lane

Fiona Vs Katey

Liza Vs Sheena

Colby Vs Tina

Zoe Vs Nora

Outdoor Rage

Audrey Vs Nora

Taylor Vs Lisa

Chole Vs Lisa

Connie Vs Darla

Lisa Vs Marsha

Carrie Vs Carla

Eileen Vs Sandy

Ganging Up Against Lisa

Ganging Up Against Lisa #2

Samantha Vs Cassandra

Kyle Vs Harmoney

Kyle Vs Fizki


Jillian Vs Suzanne

Paige Vs Rhapsody

Sheena Vs Lisa

Quisha Vs Sweet Savage

Shelby Vs Brittany

Lisa Vs Melody

Ginger Lynn Vs Misty

Amazon Vs Trudy

Lydia Vs Stella

Cameron Vs Lydia

Jesse Vs Connie

Michelle Vs Rhapsody

Shay Vs Taylor

Leeann Vs Daffney

Kathy Vs Carrie

Lisa Vs April

Nora Vs Rhapsody

Nora Vs Lisa

Audrey Vs Rhapsody

Lisa Vs Crystal

Lisa Vs Audrey

Allison Vs Paige & Lisa

Loren Vs Teri

Loren Vs Nora

Lisa Vs Paige

Lisa Vs Genine

Summer Vs Demi

Summer & Demi Vs Lisa & Nora

April Vs Carla

Leslie Vs Teri

Leslie Vs Lisa

Outdoor Rage

Wigged Off!

Holly Vs Renee

Brandy Vs Lisa

Wipe Out!

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